About Lesson

Lesson Flow

1. Create an account from “Sign in
2. After login, please purchase the ticket .
3. You will receive the confirmation email from us, after purchasing tickets.
4. Check the schedule of the teacher, and you can make a reservation for the lesson.
5. You will receive a reservation confirmation email, and the reservation will be completed.
※ One ticket for 30 minute lesson.
※ If necessary, please write down your desired learning content in the comments section

About Member registration

We will appropriate management of personal information in accordance with the privacy policy. Please fill out the following, when you make member registration.
Mail address
Skype Name
Japanese level
Time difference from time zone


Purchase tickets

*Price list:
10 tickets 10,500 yen
20 tickets 19,950 yen
30 tickets 28,350 yen

※The minimum purchase is 10 tickets
(10,500 yen including tax)
※All of our lessons is one on one.
※One ticket for 30 minute lesson.

1. Please log in first, and enter “the ticket apply page” to purchase the ticket.
2.After we confirm the remittances ,you will receive the confirmation email from us. And,you will be able to make a reservation of the lesson.

Payment methods

There are two payment methods :“Bank transfer” and “PayPal”.

Pay with PayPal

1. Login
2. There is a link for PayPal payment on the ticket apply page.
3. Click it , and you will be taken to “ PayPal ” page.

Pay by bank transfer

Yucho bank
branch name:228
ordinary deposit
account number:19217711
Ito Yurina

Mitsubishi UFJ bank
branch name:Akaike shiten(095)
ordinary deposit
account number:0149988
Ito Yurina
Contact: ito.japanese.language.class@gmail.com

※ Please afford the bank transfer fee at your expense.
※ The multiple lessons can be reserved at a day.
※ Please complete reserving 12 hours prior to the lessons.
※ The purchased tickets expire within three months.


※ Please care about the time difference.Please do not make a mistake about the time of the lesson.

Cancellation policy

1.You can cancel the lesson from “my page “ .

※ Lesson reservations must be cancelled at least 10 hours before the scheduled lesson start time or the tickets cannot be refunded.Please notice that.
※ If the lesson is canceled by the teacher, the ticket will be refunded.Please make another reservation again.

About Skype

Skype is software that enables the world’s conversations. It’s free to download and easy to use. You can use Skype to take the lesson on your mobile, computer or tablet anywhere with free video calls.
Click here for the official Skype website.
URL: https://www.skype.com/

Free trial lesson

1.Click the “Free trial lesson”.
2.After making a membership registration,you can apply for free a trial lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Do I need to buy any textbooks?
A. It depends on the class content.

Q. If I want to cancel my membership , how can I do?
A. Please contact us from the contact form.

Q. Do I need to pay for registration fee or admission fees?
A. No, there is no registration fee or admission fee.

Q. If I am late can I take the lesson?
A. The teacher will wait for you until the lesson finish.
You even can take the lesson on the last 5 minutes of the lesson.
(Example: if you reserve the lesson in 11:00~12:00, the teacher will wait for you until 12:00)

Q. Can I get a refund for an unused ticket?
A. In general, the ticket cannot be refunded.

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